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3 Best Golf Courses in West Jordan, Utah

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Best Golf Courses in West Jordan, Utah

Experience the golfer’s paradise in West Jordan, Utah, with its three championship golf courses set against stunning landscapes. Whether you seek a challenging round amidst rolling hills and water hazards or a family-friendly outing in the embrace of nature, West Jordan has the tee time you desire. Picture yourself surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas, emerald fairways, and the gentle Utah breeze rustling through the pines.

This isn’t just a golfer’s dream; it’s your reality. Discover these 3 Best Golf Courses in West Jordan, Utah, that blend natural beauty with challenging play, offering unforgettable experiences for golfers of all levels. Grab your clubs, perfect your swing, and immerse yourself in West Jordan’s unmatched golfing haven.


1. River Oaks Driving Range

Address891 W 9000 S, West Jordan, UT
Phone:     +1 801-566-5290

River Oaks Golf driving range in West Jordan, Utah, is a gem for golf enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive and well-maintained facility. Its expansive driving range, equipped with large putting and chipping greens and a dedicated pitching area, allows golfers to practice a wide array of shots. The all-grass driving area, marked with stakes for distance, is particularly noteworthy for its grooming and upkeep. The course layout, interspersed with scenic trees and challenging water hazards, adds both beauty and complexity to the game.

Additionally, the clubhouse, with its panoramic views of the Jordan River, elevates the overall experience, making it an ideal venue for events. While the course excels in facilities and scenery, maintaining consistent operational details could further enhance its appeal. Overall, River Oaks offers an engaging golfing experience, combining excellent practice facilities with stunning natural surroundings.


  1. All-grass driving range with putting and pitching areas.
  2. Golf coaching for skill improvement.
  3. Clubhouse with scenic Jordan River views.
  4. Facilities for events like weddings and meetings.
  5. Challenging links-style course with scenic hazards.


2. Mountain View Golf Course

Address:   2400 Gardner Ln, West Jordan, UT
Phone:      +1 385-468-1414

Mountain View Golf Course, nestled in a scenic mountain setting, presents an 18-hole layout that caters to a variety of golfing preferences. With its competitive pricing, ranging from $35 to $45 on weekdays, it offers affordability without compromising on quality. The course’s natural backdrop adds to its charm, complemented by amenities like a restaurant with outdoor seating and a well-stocked pro shop.

While the course is praised for its open fairways and decent greens, it faces some criticism regarding maintenance. Issues like patchy greens and fairways can detract from the experience, indicating a need for more consistent upkeep. However, the course’s staff is noted for their helpfulness, adding a layer of comfort for visitors.

Mountain View stands out for its approachable play style, making it an attractive option for beginners or casual golfers. Despite its challenges, the course maintains a balance between a relaxed golfing environment and the natural beauty of its setting, making it a worthwhile destination for those seeking an enjoyable day on the greens.


  1. Affordable rounds, $35-$45 on weekdays.
  2. Picturesque mountain backdrop.
  3. Restaurant with outdoor seating.
  4. Well-stocked pro shop.
  5. Accommodating and helpful staff.



Address7879 S 1530 W #300, West Jordan, UT
Phone:     +1 801-573-3340
Price:        Upto 2 Hours-$50, and Monthly UNLIMITED-$195

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  2. Providing a realistic and immersive golfing experience.
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