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Golf N’ Stuff – All You Need To Know

Golf N' Stuff

Golf N’ Stuff is a line of golf-themed amusement parks that has provided quality family entertainment for all ages for five decades. Golf N’ Stuff has Tucson, Az, Norwalk, Ca. and Ventura, Ca. Its amusement parks feature miniature golf courses and other wholesome family activities like go-karts and bumper boats. Every Golf N’ Stuff location offers beautiful scenery with lush landscaping, water features, and other ride attractions. 


History of Golf N’ Stuff

Golf N’ Stuff was first time established in 1976 in Tucson. Originally named Golf N’ Things, the initial theme of the amusement park was a medieval-themed miniature golf course. Shortly after the Tucson location was opened to the public, the other places in Norwalk and Ventura opened simultaneously. The amusement park started with two miniature golf courses and an arcade. Soon, bumper boats were introduced, and shortly after, go-karts were also added to the activities available at the Golf N’ Stuff locations. The latest attraction at Golf N’ Stuff locations is laser tag. 


Location of Golf N’ Stuff

Golf N’ Stuff has an amusement park in Tucson, Arizona, and California. In California, Golf N’ Stuff has one location in Ventura and another in Norwalk. The Norwalk Golf N’ Stuff arcade is famous for the original Karate kid movie set. All Golf N’ Stuff locations offer a safe space for group activities for families. 

There are lots of activities available at Golf N’ Stuff. Families and friends can visit Golf N’ Stuff locations for group outings such as birthdays, company events, sports banquets, church celebrations, or a group outing between friends. Events at golf and stuff are guaranteed to be memorable. Due to new covid19 guidelines, Golf N’ Stuff locations request that guests adhere to all covid 19 safety measures, including wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, and adhering to markers in queue lines.


Covid 19 Safety

All Golf N’ Stuff locations have been updated to meet the covid 19 safety standards. Six-foot distancing markers are available on every queue line. Employees are screened routinely and instructed to stay home if not feeling well. 

All arrears of the Golf N’ Stuff amusement parks are cleaned daily before the arrival of guests for the day. Check-in counters, entrance doors, and guest contact areas are frequently cleaned and sanitized. The number of miniature golf players is regulated at four players per tee time. 

The 18-hole courses will admit no more than five players. The pool water is constantly monitored to ensure proper chlorination to ensure it does not support the spread of covid 19. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are filled in sanitizer dispensers installed throughout all Golf N’ Stuff facilities. Guests are encouraged to use these sanitizers frequently. 

It is important to note that individuals entering Golf N’ Stuff locations do so at their own risk. Every Golf N’ Stuff guest is responsible for adhering to social distancing guidelines. Golf N’ Stuff, its affiliates, officers, employees, or agents will not accept liability whether known or unknown for any illness or injury arising from the use of the facility.


Golf N’ Stuff Tucson Arizona

Located in Tucson, Arizona, this Golf N’ Stuff location offers miniature golf and other attractions such as bumper boats, Lit’l Indy Go-karts, Laser Tag, and an arcade. The Arizona location opens at 10:00 am daily, all year round. However, special hours for private events are announced on the Golf N’ Stuff website in advance. 

Families, friends, colleagues, congregations, and other groups looking to have great wholesome interactive fun are welcome at the Arizona Golf N’ Stuff. Interactive activities to enjoy at this location include miniature golf. This location has two small golf courses allowing up to 5 players per round. Both golf courses have 18 holes each, providing a great deal of fun and healthy competition to participants. 

The Tucson Golf N’ Stuff also offers Lit’l Indy race cars (the Golf N’ Stuff version of go-Karts. Kids and adults can enjoy the ride on the Let’s Indy race Cars and Bumper boats. For lovers of interactive and more engaging fun activities, the laser tag section offers a world of fun. Visitors can also enjoy a good baseball batting swing at the batting cages. 

Tucson Golf N’ Stuff has a strict prohibition of outside food and drinks, so visitors’ snacking needs are satisfied by the fully stocked snack bar offering a variety of snacks and drinks. 

The Tucson Golf N’ Stuff also offers a wide range of games in the arcade. Visitors can go into the arcade to play popular games like DC Injustice, Professor Coggins Shooting Gallery, Cruis’n Blast, Jurassic Park, Wizard of Oz pinballs, Dark Escape 4D, and over 100 exciting video and prize games. 


Golf N’ Stuff Norwalk California

The Norwalk Golf N’ Stuff still accepts professional film, music, television, and photo productions. Famous for being the movie location for the first karate kid movie featuring Kobra kai, the Norwalk Golf N’ Stuff offers visitors an unforgettable experience. 

Like other Golf N’ Stuff locations, the Norwalk location has four miniature golf courses, all of which have 18 holes each and the capacity for groups of up to five people each. 

Other Golf N’ Stuff activities are also available in the Norwalk location. Visitors can enjoy Lit’l Indy Race Cars, Disk’ O Thrill Ride, Bumper Boats, Cannonball express Train, and arcade games. 

The Norwalk Golf N’ Stuff offers over 100 exciting and interactive video and prize games for visitors of all ages. Games include injustice, Beat saber, DC superheroes, the walking dead, Baseball pro challenge, Jurassic park, Quick drop, Mario Kart Deluxe, Crossy Roads, JetPack Joyride, Down the clowns, and many others.

Details about the Norwalk Golf N’ Stuff opening hours are available on the Golf N’ Stuff website, as well as the Norwalk park map to plan your next adventure at the Norwalk Golf N’ Stuff. 


Golf N’ Stuff Ventura California

Available for birthday parties, grad parties, family reunions, company picnics, and other social gatherings, the Ventura Golf N’ Stuff location is a prime location to play miniature golf and loads of other interactive activities. 

The Ventura Golf N’ Stuff location has two miniature golf courses with 18 holes each… Its means each hole can accommodate up to 5 players per round. In addition to excellent miniature golf, guests can enjoy lots of other interactive and engaging activities like the little indy race cars, RamRod Bumper Cars, Bumper Boats, and lots more. Guests can get various food and drinks at the fully stocked snack bar as no outside food or drink is allowed on the park premises. 

The game room of the Ventura Golf N’ Stuff amusement park offers guests a wide range of interactive video and prize games, including popular video games like Injustice, DC super Heroes, Angry Birds, and lots more. Guests can also enjoy classic video games such as Mario kart, Luigi’s mansion, pinball, and lots more. The game room is filled with fun and chances to win fun and exciting prizes for guests of all ages. The Ventura park map, opening hours, and special hours are available on the Golf N’ Stuff website. 

All Golf N’ Stuff locations operate with strict adherence to covid 19 guidelines to ensure the safety of guests, staff, and the general public and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For guests, all Golf N’ Stuff locations expect guests to adhere to the covid 19 guidelines and Golf N’ Stuff safety regulations to ensure safe fun for everyone. 

Vaccinated guests may not wear masks except in specific situations where everyone is mandated to wear a mask with no exceptions. However, unvaccinated guests are expected to wear a mask in all indoor public spaces. 

Golf N’ Stuff offers families, friends, colleagues, congregations, and all kinds of social groups a fun and safe environment for group activities. The miniature golf course is available in all Golf N’ Stuff locations is designed to ensure interactive fun and a memorable event for all Golf N’ Stuff guests.



In addition to excellent miniature golf courses, all golf and staff locations offer guests highly interactive and engaging activities that range from virtual games to physically attractive games such as laser tag and batting cages. Guests visiting Golf N’ Stuff will find lots of activities to be enjoyed in the beautiful and safe environment in all three Golf N’ Stuff locations.