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Jack Nicklaus Father: Wiki Biography Of Charlie Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus Father

If anyone wants to know about Jack Nicklaus Father’s life (Charlie Nicklaus), this article is perfect for you. In this article, I will explain the life of Jack Nicklaus Father (Charlie Nicklaus). He was a talented and gifted all-round athlete. He played football with Ohio State Buckeyes as a good player for his team, using his talent and performing the game well with his team.

Who is Charlie Nicklaus?

Charlie Nicklaus
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Charlie Nicklaus was the father of a famous, retired American professional golfer and golf course designer. He was a good player as well as a city tennis champion. Charlie played every sport with a ball. He would have loved watching the PNC and playing in it. Charlie joined OSU and participated in football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and many other sports. He was very supportive of his children’s participation in sports. Jack’s wife, Barbara, says. “I mean, everybody loved Charlie Nicklaus.”

When Charlie Nicklaus was Born?

Nicklaus was born on January 21, 1940, in Columbus, Ohio,and grew up in the suburb of Upper Arlington. Charlie Nicklaus was a delicate person who looked very handsome and slim, weighing around 190 and an average height of 6 feet 2 inches tall. Charlie studied at The Benjamin School. When he lived in home town, North Palm Beach, Fla.

Family & Personal Life

Charlie Nicklaus was the Son of Louis Charles Nicklaus and Arkie Belle (Thompson) Nicklaus. His father was born on 31 March 1888. His mother(Arkie Belle) and father (Louis Charles Nicklaus) met on 9 June 1910 and married.

Jack Nicklaus and His Family
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Charlie’s children are Jack Nicklaus, Barnable Nicklaus, and Marilyn Hutchinson. Jack Nicklaus is an American professional golfer and PGA winner. He is a great golf course designer and one of the greatest golfers ever. In his career, he won 117 professional tournaments(Wikipedia). His Grandchildren are Gary Nicklaus, Nancy Nicklaus, Michael Nicklaus, Steven Nicklaus, and Jack Nicklaus Jr., and Great grandchildren are Gary G.T. Nicklaus Jr and Nina Nicklaus.

Marriage life:

A few days later, Helen Columbus went to live with her aunt at her home. There was no one in his life, no relatives. Still, Charlie didn’t want to end his relationship with Lass, so he wrote a letter to Helen and sent her a timeless engagement ring. Charlie Nicklaus meeting Helen Schoener is not simple. It was love at first sight. Charlie and Helen got married in 1937. At that time, Charlie had a small shop and apartment above it. The shop was small, but the shop was for medicine. They spent much time together in a small apartment.


He died on February 19, 1970, from pancreatic cancer. Burial of Charlie Nicklaus Union Cemetery, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA, Columbus Franklin County, OH, United States.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Charlie was a great man for his family, especially his wife. He loved her very much. He was a family man and always happy to support his family. With this article’s help, you will learn about Jack Nicklaus father biography. If you feel any suggestions related to this article or any other, Please visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form with suggestions. Within 48 hours, you will get a reply from our team.