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Top golf Atlanta All You Need to Know

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Top golf Atlanta

Enjoy a premier entertainment experience in Atlanta at top golf Atlanta. You can enjoy a large amateur golfing facility that caters to people of all age groups and golfing skills. Top golf Atlanta is located in a large enough facility to host social gatherings, including birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, Date nights, or a night out with a group of friends. Whatever the reason, a visit to top golf Atlanta is guaranteed to provide all guests with a unique golfing experience in addition to one fun-filled time.

Top golf Atlanta offers guests all the elements required to have a great time. The formula is quite simple: easy and fun play, food and drinks, excellent background music. The result is fun, fun, fun!!! Regardless of your skill level, playing at top golf Atlanta is guaranteed to be a good time. You do not need a great golf swing to play or score points even. The focus at top golf Atlanta is fun for everyone.

Top golf Atlanta Facilities

Thanks to a blend of technology and entertainment, top golf Atlanta has turned socializing into a sport with unbelievable success. Walking through the Top golf Atlanta facilities shows you a place buzzing with energy. With dozens of climate-controlled hitting bays, you and your loved ones can enjoy a fun-filled round of golf any time of the year. The facilities also have HDTVs installed in every bay as well as throughout the sports bar and restaurant.

As for food, you are sure to get the best food and beverages for your needs. Top golf Atlanta has an excellent restaurant run by an accomplished chef and an experienced team. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are used to ensure that every meal is top-notch. The top golf Atlanta restaurant is not just one of the best places to play with family and friends in Atlanta; it is also one of the best places to eat!

Top 5 things about top golf Atlanta you need to know before you visit

1) The facility is for everyone.

From children to adults, beginners to experienced professional golfers, everyone can play at top golf Atlanta. The friends or family (up to 6 players) will be given real golf clubs to hit golf balls aimed at targets ranging from 20 to 240 yards away from the climate-controlled bays. Each target looks similar to circular dartboards and is scattered all over the green. Huge nets protect the whole green area to prevent the balls from going too wild, so you can swing without worrying about breaking something.

The HDTVs in each bay display each player’s score thanks to the microchips in every golf ball struck. The microchips are used to calculate how far the ball went and how close to a target it got. It helps if you hit the ball so far you cannot see it; you get your distance displayed on the screen in your bay. You get points for how far you hit the ball and how close to the target you hit the ball. The group can make it a fun completion, or each player can beat their last score. Either way, it is a lot of fun, even for people that have never swung a golf club.

2) You can play in any weather.

Every bay has comfortable seats, food and beverage service, and, most importantly, climate control. Although the bays are open to the outdoor range, the group can stay cool in hot temperatures and warm during cold weather. The climate-controlled hubs allow guests to play in rainy weather and chilly weather with no problem. You can play in the blazing sun without breaking a sweat while enjoying fun, laughter, food, and drinks. Now, that is a great time.

3) There are Programs to help kids get better at Top golf Atlanta

Classes are available to help improve children’s swings. These classes are available according to the season: the summer academy and Kids Fall leagues. These are multi-week programs that help children improve their skills, compete, and spend time with their peers. The information about availability and other details about children’s programs are available on the KidZone page of the top golf website.

4) You can eat while you play.

Top golf Atlanta has a fully stocked menu that features kids’ selections and a lot of choices for everyone. You can get lots of good food including burgers, salads, sandwiches and lots of other options. The injectable donut holes are, of course, a kid’s favorite. However, some adults enjoy it a lot too.

Whether you want a full meal or you prefer a snack, at top golf Atlanta, you will get delicious food and great drinks while you play. The restaurant has a professional chef and experienced professional team that will ensure your meals are well prepared and provide you with a great experience. The snack bar is a bit closer to the private bays and more accessible. However, after a good round of swinging, you and your group can head over to the restaurant for some excellent food.

5) Reservations and walk-ins are allowed.

You can make reservations online to avoid long wait times. However, you are also welcome to walk in. you may have to endure a bit of a wait. However, you can keep the children occupied with activities at the KidZone until your turn. You can also check the top golf Atlanta website for current wait times and the busiest times of the day. Going earlier in the day reduces the chances of a long wait because it is usually less crowded. A membership card is provided to you on your first visit. That card will be loaded with your funds and data. The data on the card tracks your scores from all visits. You need the card to play games and track your score from your current visit to your next.

There are other activities to keep you entertained while you wait or after your round.

Other activities to keep you entertained include shuffleboard, pool, foosball, and even Xbox. So, you do not have to sit idly waiting for your turn. The KidZone also has many fun activities for your children to engage in, including classes to help improve their swing. It provides an overall nurturing environment for children to have fun, learn and compete with their peers.

The top golf Atlanta facilities are equipped with pool tables for pool lovers to shoot a few. Foosball lovers can also enjoy a bit of fun and friendly competition at the foosball tables as they show off their non-golf skills or try foosball for the first time. If video games are more your speed, you can enjoy the X box gaming system for free and show off your video gaming skills with friends and family.

Details of Top golf Atlanta

Atlanta metropolitan area has two top golf atlanta locations:

  • 1600 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. NW, Atlanta
  • 10900 Westside Parkway, Alpharetta

Both locations are pretty much identical to each other. You can choose the easiest to get to and take your family, friends, colleagues, congregation, or other groups for a memorable, fun-filled time. You can pay for an hour in a bay that holds up to six players at an hourly rate based on the location and time of the day. Hourly rates range from $27 to $47. Both locations are open for fun seven days a week and you can check the top golf Atlanta website for opening times for each location.

Music helps bring it all together.

No social gathering is complete without music, and the top golf Atlanta facilities provide music throughout the facilities. You may hear some of your favorite songs come on as you take your swing, inspiring you to swing even better. Whether or not you are taking a swing or playing other games, the music playing in the background provides endless energy for everyone to have fun.


The top golf Atlanta facilities offer families, friends, firms, churches, and many other groups a venue to have some fun and engage in exciting and engaging wholesome activities suitable for everyone. This article is under copyright to Golf Components. If anyone has a suggestion about this feel free to contact us