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South Padre Island Golf Club Tx Review

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Golfers of all ability levels enjoy playing the course. The South Padre Island Golf Club will test you by offering a tranquil, beautiful setting. The course has everything you want to test yourself and advance your game, including fairways, water hazards, and sand traps. This course wants to give clients strong knowledge that combines excellent service and a welcoming environment.

Where the third green looking east over the Laguna Madre Bay must be experienced instead of watched, and where sunsets must be experienced instead of defined. People can only experience Padre Island Golf Club directly, visually, aurally, and smell. This kind of natural environment I like personally, and this is why South Padre Island Golf Club makes its place one of the best golf courses in Laguna Vista, near Brownsville.


  • Natural turf driving range
  • Short game area
  • Large putting green
  • Pro Shop
  • Divots Bar and Grill
  • Practice Facilities


  • Full-size natural turf driving range
  • Large putting green to help improve golf skills
  • Real Estate
  • Rental Resorts

Contact Information

Location:    1 Golf House Rd, Laguna Vista, TX 78578
Timing:        Whole Week  6:30am–7pm
Pricing:        Visit
Phone:         +1 956-943-4653

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