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Top Golf Naperville Review | All You Need to Know

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Top Golf Naperville

With over 70 locations and still counting, Topgolf offers guests a fun-filled experience every time. Topgolf Naperville is similar to other top golf locations, with a simplistic approach to golf and a seamless combination of a restaurant, bar, and other interactive activities. Topgolf circumvents the exclusivity that has long made golf an elitist game. The Naperville location is the same in this regard. People of all golfing skills can enjoy a good time at top golf in Naperville with friends, family, and children of all ages.

The Top golf Naperville facility is located at 3211 Odyssey Court at the northwest corner of Route 59 and I-88. Spanning 65,000 square feet, the Top golf Naperville facility is massive enough to accommodate groups of all sizes for a fun-filled and exciting event.


What is Top golf?

Imagine a three-story driving range equipped with a bar and kitchen. While this description is an oversimplification, most Topgolf locations follow the same formula: A climate-controlled driving range with dozens of bays for up to six players to play simultaneously. Each bay serves the purpose of a private driving range tee with a waitstaff. Each bay feels like a bowling alley but for golf instead. Other attractions are also available at the top golf Naperville location to keep everyone having fun.

Top golf Naperville Venue For Guest

Topgolf Naperville offers guests a blend of technology and entertainment to ensure the best possible experience at the venue. The Top golf Naperville venue is buzzing with energy, welcoming everyone to come in and have fun. Guests can enjoy a fun time with the dozens of climate-controlled hitting bays; it doesn’t matter if it is summer, winter, spring, or fall; guests can enjoy the best weather conditions for taking a swing. Every bay has HDTVs that rough out the sports bar and restaurant, providing the best quality video for guests’ viewing pleasure.

Playing golf at the top golf in Naperville gives guests a fun and relaxed spin to the game. Golf balls at the Top of golf Naperville have microchips embedded in them. These balls are then aimed at various targets around the range. These targets are placed within different distances, allowing less-skilled golfers and non-golfers to compete with their more-skilled friends. Points are awarded for hitting the ball close to the target. It means that even guests new to golf can still have a good time and score points.


Lively Environment for All Golfers

The most remarkable thing about a top golf club, in general, is that it is suitable for golfers regardless of their skill. Guests who have never swung a golf club can still enjoy learning and having fun with their friends and family.

For skilled golfers, the whole golf experience presents a novel challenge. However, new players and beginners can still enjoy an all-inclusive challenge in a fun and lively environment. Even children can try their swing without worrying too much about how well they do. Bays can be enjoyed by families and friends, with sounds from other bays reminding everyone playing that other beginners are on the course. It takes the pressure off and allows everyone to focus on having a good time.

Children should not be discouraged from hitting the ball however they deem fit. So, when your seven-year-old starts to hit balls sideways or even looks like they’re about to drop the club, you can walk away and get a snack or watch in amusement and record the moment for later laughs.

Players do not have to worry about all the balls struck into the driving range since a few tractors drive around and scoop up all the balls. At the same time, players will be awarded no points for hitting balls aimed at the tractor. Some players have tried to smash the tractor with varying degrees of success. If you don’t care about scoring points, hitting the tractor or trying to is a bit of fun on the side that some say is worth more than all the points scored.


Top golf Naperville Games

Guests are offered multiple game options, the main attraction of which is top golf. Topgolf allows guests to do a bit of target practice on a driving range. However, instead of aiming at a tiny hole 500 yards away, players get to take their pick from several large targets scattered around the content with varying distances from the target.

Food and Drinks

Social gatherings are fueled by great food and drinks, and Topgolf Naperville operates with this knowledge. Fantastic food and beverages are provided at the Topgolf Naperville restaurant. The restaurant is run by an accomplished executive chef working seamlessly with an experienced team to provide guests with great meals every time. All meals are prepared with high-quality ingredients, delivered fresh, and checked for the highest quality standards. It makes Topgolf Naperville not just a place for playing but one of the best places to eat in Naperville. The restaurant offers a full menu for guests to choose from.

Besides the top golf Naperville restaurant, guests can opt for light snacks at the rooftop terrace while enjoying a great view of the facility and a beautiful environment. Guests who prefer snacks can opt for donut holes, tiny orbs of cinnamon-covered donuts injected with jelly. The bar also offers an assortment of drinks, including beer, to keep social interactions fueled throughout your stay.


About Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is not prohibited when playing top golf. Players have been observed to be more accurate, comedic, and emotionally stable after a drink or two. And because the range has music playing in the background, players are more relaxed and hit better. For players who play at night, the experience is even better because the crop-circle targets light up in a rainbow of psychedelic colors.

Safety Line for the Players

Players not hitting balls must stand behind a mandatory red safety line. The bays are located three stories in the air, so a line keeps players from falling off. Also, staying too close to someone when taking a swing is not safe. Hence this lime protects players from falling off and getting hit by a swinging golf club.

A safety net has also been installed around the edge. However, the strength and integrity of the net should not be tested by risking injury. So it is best to stay behind the red line while you wait your turn. After all, there are lots of things to do while waiting your turn, like distracting the self-acclaimed champion of the group with a loud chant as they take a swing.

Bring Your Own Golf Club

Much like bowling, players are allowed to bring their golf clubs. However, this is optional as the experience is not about competition. Also, it is not advisable to carry around your driving iron from the car to the driving range when perfectly usable clubs are available for every guest.

Other Activities

Top golf Naperville offers a standard driving range for all guests. However, there are other interactive activities for everyone to enjoy. If and when you tire of swinging on the driving range, you can choose from other interactive games such as pool, shuffleboards, and foosball, and even show your video gaming skills on the Xbox gaming system.

Your outing or event can be fun, with a wide range of interactive games to cater to every member of your group and family as well as their likes. Friends can find out how many games they can compete in while placing friendly wagers. You will find one competition you can dominate your friend in. That is after discovering how far you can hit the ball on the driving range.


Playing golf at Top golf Naperville gives a more relaxed feeling, with no pressure about form, swing, or score. It means Top golf Naperville is ideal for beginner golfers seeking to have a bit of fun. Intermediate and professional golfers are included. While beginners can take a swing and have fun, more advanced golfers can show off their skills and impress their friends in a lively and fun environment.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or your group of friends, want a fun environment for your bachelor or bachelorette party, or other social gatherings with friends and/or family, top golf Naperville will provide all the fun and excitement you need for a fun-filled and memorable evening.

The Top golf Naperville location, much like other locations, is guaranteed to provide all visitors with a great time in a lively environment. Regardless of the occasion or the group, Topgolf delivers all the elements guests need to have a memorable time. From the food and drinks to music and games, Topgolf ensures guests have everything they need for a great time.

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